Water Sampling Report

New water samples were taken by Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership on July 16th, to test for harmful algae. Samples were taken at North Lake RV Resort and at Wulfy Beach. Antitoxin A was less than 0.2 at both locations. The total Microcystin levels were less than 0.3 at North Lake RV Resort and were at 0.3 at Wulfy Beach. The Antitoxin A levels are within the safe range, however the Microcytin is currently above safe levels for pets and children under 5 years old to drink the water without pre-treating the water with the recommended methods. Please take necessary precautions as the toxin level can vary throughout the lake.

Tenmile Lake Canal, Lakeside, Oregon - Oregon Coast (2018). Photo courtesy of The Yellow Desk.

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