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Large Item Pickup & State of the Lakes - August 19

Tenmile Lakes Association's (TLA) Large Item Pickup and Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership's (TLBP) State of the Lakes will occur on the same day this year – Saturday, August 19.

If you have large items at your boat access property that you have been unable to haul off on your own, please contact TLA President, Alan Whitney at 541-297-1663 or at to get on the schedule for the day. Large items include items cabin owners can’t haul in a boat, like refrigerators, couches, and kitchen appliances. Items must be on the dock. No household garbage is accepted. Start at 9 am.

Large items are picked up by the TLA team for a donation based on how much you have to be picked up. Alan can advise how much your donation is used to pay the dump fees. Any extra goes to the TLA fund for improving lake quality.

After the Large Item Pickup, TLBP's State of the Lakes will take place starting at 5pm. The State of the Lakes is a presentation and barbeque hosted by the Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership. A $10 donation is required for dinner.

This year's agenda includes:

TLBP Project Updates

Domestic Use Algae Toxin Project

Coleman Bottom Aeration

Aquatic Plant Control

Tenmile Creek LW Project

Tenmile Restoration Plan

Open Discussion

Saturday, August 19 at 5pm at the Lakeside Lions Club

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