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Tenmile Lakes Association 

February 7, 2024

Meeting Minutes


Call to order 5:30 pm 

Board Members Present: Al Whitney, Diane Synder, Debbie Newman, Gerry Ewing; Greta Krost absent

Guests Present: Dee Drummond, Jerry Zack, Laura Sweetman, Brenda and James Carlisle (Jim is a candidate for Lakeside City Council)

Approval of minutes from Dec 6, 2023: Debbie made motion to approve, Gerry seconded, all approved. 


President:  June 1, 2024 Free Fish Day for Kids at Tugman State Park (first time to return since Covid)

Volunteers are needed to assist the STEP group and TLBP with making this a successful fun and learning event for the youth.

 Vice President: none to report

 Secretary: not present

 Treasurer: Hard copy presented

*Total Creek Restorataion Donations = $88,482.74

*Total Creek Restorations Expenses = $75,133.56

Treasurer Report by Debbie Newman

Dec 31, 2023

Jan 31, 2042






Creek Restoration

Accountant Fees




Total Expenses




General Donation


Creek Restoration Donation



Large-Item Pick up



Fundraiser Event



Total Income:



Balance in checking account


Balance in savings account



Cash On Hand






Member At Large:  Debrie floating in the Lake is up this year, Lake clean-up will be important this spring.  Betty Ewing will be doing draft drawing for TLA Christmas Train Display at City Hall.  TLA will need to determine if voluteer will produce this or have

Lakeside Revitalization Partnership (LRP) produce the design.


TLBP:  Mike Mader -- Progress for wetland restoration projects Benson Creek and Big Creek

Benson Creek, permits are now complete, project will be started this summer.  Many thanks to the individuals and agencies who helped Mike with getting this important wetland restoration project underway to benefit the lakes and native fish.

Big Creek, 3 years in negotiations for the property acquisition now complete and with documentation to be wrapped up spring 2024.  This project will not only benefit the wildlife habitat, but will also work on sedimentation improvement.

Committee Report -- General Discussion by All

Outreach:  Susie McDaniel  (unable to attend)

Topics discussed without any decisions being made at this meeting: 

Sample email/website/facebook to Thank You for your Donation for the Creek project repair/maintenance.  Not sure if these folks know their names will be displayed on the above-mentioned platforms.  Send out a letter for Thank You.

Send out a letter twice a year with info for what's happening with the Lake. How is the best to do timing for the Beg Letter and if this is the best way to communicate?

Confirm there are 300 email names on the Property Owners List.  Greta or Blume may have this data.

Tip of the Month, is still being determined since TLA is a non-profit are vendor listings allowed, can it be done as info only?


Laura Sweetman offered info for another platform (not pay-pal due to fee that is charged) to receive donations. 

Old Business

Lake guage report     

Wed 2/7/24     

11'2" NLR piling gauge 

Mike Mader reported the replacement for the 25 year old electronic gage located on South Lake has now been approved and purchasing is in process.  Install should be complete this spring along with the link on  


2024 Calendar for events and activities

Lake Clean-Up   Sat,  April 20   disposal at Tenmile County Park  need to find help with equipment to load dumpster

Experience Lakeside   Sat,  June 15  (usually Fathers Day Weekend)  Tenmile County Park   TBD for TLA to have a booth/table for membership/donation info, possibly TLA  merchandise  

Fireworks on the Lake  Thurs,  July 4th  Tenmile County Park  TBD if TLA  will have a booth/table for donations and what the donations are for Fireworks or Creek Restoration on-going maintenance/repair

State of the Lakes/TLBP  Fri,  August 23  Lyons Club    BBQ dinner and presentation

Large Item pick-up   Sat,  August 24   disposal at Tenmile County Park

History Dinner    Sat,  September 21  Lakeshore Lodge  Topic TBD  

Lake Boat-Tour date, who, and how to coordinate TBD

New Business 

Discussed 3-year project to eliminate weeds in the canal.  This is a two-fold project; first is the herbicide treatment for the lilies, second is the mechanical harvest of remaining weeds.   A request to get a bid from Joe Cowan would include all info regarding the timing for the in-water work, disposal of debris, any fees, and his cost.  This has been done on Devils Lake.

Marine State Board is not doing float toilets at this time, it was suggested to contact Coos County who maintains the past float toilets.  Generally, all agreed there is a need for these since the lake is heavily used for recreational purposes.

Gerry Ewing brought up an additional opportunity for donation money: UTV TakeOver, June 25 to 30, at Horse Falls/Box Car.  It would involve working the gates, they need volunteers with compensation/donations going to non-profit (TLA).  

Adjourn   7:20pm

Next Meeting Wed March 6, 2024


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