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Tenmile Lakes Association

Dec MEETING 12/06/2023

Lakeshore Lodge at 5:30 pm


Gerry Ewing, Debbie Newman, Dee Drumned, Alan Whitney, Jerry Zack Greta Krost, Zara Wemple, and Amber Rogner


Nov. The minutes were approved. 

Presidents Report

See Below

Vice Presidents Report

Not present – due to weather

Secretary Report

Go Over Action Items - Should be added to agenda

Member at Large Report

Nothing new from the lake.  


Beg letter discussion 

  • The email raised $5,000+ in donations! Need to send thank you letters/receipts for the donors – Greta to make template letter, Alan to write in donations and sign, Alan to send letters snail mail, and Greta to email people who donated via paypal. 

  • The group approved to wait on snail mail discussions in early 2024. 

  • Gerry sent the beg letter to the yacht club. 

TLBP Report

Wetland projects are on hold due to permitting and weather 

Lake level: 14.5’ measured via Dee Drummond. The lake rose 6’ in five days. The gauge is broken, not repairable, and must be replaced. It is being repaired, with no due date.  


  • Get set up with square? (Betty)

  • Suggestion - Planning focused meeting in Jan 2024, date to be determined. Suzie will organize. Greta also wants to discuss the TLA marketing/communication guide for events, the need for a membership coordinator/website content. Coordinate with Suzie.

New Business

TLA Train Car? - All the organizations put up a car in front of the library, around $300. It is a one-time fee, and Dee said she can store it. TLA is interested, and Dee will find out more info and share it with the group. 

Amber Rogner reported on the algae bloom and drinking water/filter systems study. Water samples are being processed and result should be available in March 2024. 

Treasurer’s Report

Treasuer Report by Debbie Newman

Nov 30,2023





Creek Restoration

Accountant Fees


Total Expenses



General Donation

Creek Restoration Donation


Large-Item Pick up



Fundraiser Event



Total Income:


Balance in checking account


Balance in savings account


Cash On Hand




Website Ideas

  • Update the website with sponsors who assist/donate/support TLA, Betty will email a list to Blume. 

  • FAQs about the Instream project

  • What does insurance cover?

  • Does TLA apply for grants? What other funding opportunities are available?

  • Update on Study of Blue Green Algae and Drinking water filter systems.

  • Resources for current or future lakefront owners

  • List of contractors/services, etc

  • Add button for meetings (time, location, agenda, and notes)

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