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TLA Meeting Minutes - September 2022

Tenmile Lakes Association

September MEETING 09/07/2022

Lakeshore Lodge at 5:30 PM


Alan Young, Dee Drummond, Greta Krost, John Reiss, Cathy Reiss, Gerry and Betty Ewing, Debbie Newman, Mayor Edward James, Julie and Ken Robbers,


Minutes from August 2022

  • Minutes approved

President’s Report

  • See Below

Vice President’s Report

  • Absent

Secretary’s Report

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report

Expenses: none


Large Item Pick-up = $1,566.00

Hats = $60.00

Candy bars state of lakes = $33.00

Fireworks state of lakes = $20

General donations state of the lakes = $66.00

Memberships = $241.58 (250.00 less paypal)

General donations = $155.34 (160.00 less paypal)

Tickets history dinner = $804.66 ($825.00 less paypal)

Total income = $2,926.58

balance in checking account: 36,619.75

balance in savings account: 1.00

balance in paypal: .00

cash on hand: 34.62


total: $36,660.37

total donations for creek restoration: $80,547.67

total expenses for creek restoration: $63,939.90

Total donations for stewardship fund: $3.00

total carried over for 2023 fireworks: $ 3,228.81

submitted by Debbie Newman, treasurer of TLA

Member at Large Report

● Not present

Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership Report

Starting meeting again this month (does not meet in summer time).

State of the Lakes Dinner - Vent very well. 64 people paid for dinner. Good presentations. A lot of new lake owners. Good questions.

Outreach Committee

  • August 20 - large item pick up. Big donations. Needed a 2nd dumpster delivered and donated by Les’s Sanitary. Donations = $1566 into TLA stewardship fund.

  • History Dinner Fundraiser September 24, 2022 at Lakeshore Lodge - S55 dinner approved. Need Raffle items. Email Alan the items and value.

Membership Report

  • Obtained many emails from State of Lakes Dinner. Will give to Blume and Michelle.

  • Members - Check your email to ensure you got the TLA email 6/15/2022 from Check the spam folder.

Old Business

  • Update on Tenmile Creek Restoration → functioning well, 2ft difference between above and below logs.

  • Algae report = A few small blooms, but not a bad year so far.

Lake Gauge Report

6.2’ 9/7/2022

New Business

  • Election of the board - Vote in September Meeting

    • Adopt the current board with the addition of Gerry Ewing to be Member at Large.

    • Motion approved to add Gerry Ewing as a signee at Bank to replace past member at large - Mike Shaw.

  • Greta to draft letter for “No Wakes, Idle” in the canal for Alan to send to the Sheriff department and Marine State Board inquiring about replacing old signs.

  • Dee gave a shout-out to the Ringo’s regarding the fun Labor Day Boat Parade.

  • Sept 10. City of Lakeside clean-up day. Help your neighbors to clean up their items as well.

  • Question - What is a good home insurance company? Members suggested Progressive and Safeco.

Meeting adjourned 6:15 PM

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