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TLA Meeting Minutes - August 2022

Tenmile Lakes Association

August MEETING 08/03/2022

Lakeshore Lodge at 5:30 PM


Alan Young, Dee Drummond, Greta Krost, John Reiss, Cathy Reiss, Jerry Ewing, Debbie Newman, Mike Maderm, Johnath David, Diane Snyder


Minutes from June 2022

  • Minutes approved

President’s Report

  • Filed 2021 Taxes - Available for review, TLA paid filing fee and bill from accountant

Vice President’s Report

  • Nothing to report

Secretary’s Report

  • Thanks Dee for taking June notes and typing them up

Treasurer’s Report


Schwartz Family Insurance renewal:$558.00


Creek Restoration donation 10.00 (less $0.69 paypal)

Membership dues: $25.00 (less $0.69 paypal)

balance in checking account: 33,618.17

balance in savings account: 1.00

balance in pay pal: .00

cash on hand: 34.62


total: $33,653.79

total donations for creek restoration: $80,547.67

total expenses for creek restoration: $63,939.90

Total donations for aeration project: $3.00

total carried over for 2023 fireworks: $ 3,208.81

submitted by Debbie Newman, treasurer of TLA

Member at Large Report

● None

Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership Report

Discussed lake initiatives - Wetland restoration and water quality

State of the Lakes Dinner - See above

Outreach Committee

  • August 20 - Looking for volunteers for large item pick up. Looking for a barge for N. Lake. Ringo’s will donate a forklift. Greta will ask Facebook Tenmile Lake group. Contact for coordination

  • State of the Lakes - Starts at 5 pm at the Lakeside Lions club. TLA needs volunteers to sign-in people. $10/plate

  • History Dinner Fundraiser September 24, 2022 at Lakeshore Lodge - S55 dinner approved. Need Raffle items. Alan built a double adirondack chair that will be raffled at Ringos.

Membership Report

  • Ask Blume and Michelle to send out mailchimp email for upcoming events. Send email sign in form to TLA members - they didn't get the last email via Mailchimp.

Old Business

  • Update on Tenmile Creek Restoration → functioning well

  • Algae report = In the past there have been 2 toxic algae species that produce toxins, we’ve visually seen the lake going greener, but you look for the blue green scum. Water levels are fantastic. If an algae comes up, TLBP would test for algae blooms.

  • Floating toilets - the Marine Board said nothing is happening this year.

Lake Gauge Report

6.7’ 8/3/2022

New Business

  • Election of the board - Vote on September Meeting

    • Remind people if there are people who want in or out!

  • Fireworks - City is putting it in for $25k.

Meeting adjourned 6:30 PM


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