TLA Meeting Minutes - July 2022

TLA Tenmile Lakes Association Minutes

Meeting at Lakeshore Lodge 7/6/22 5:30pm

Called to order 5:35pm

Presidents Report website 471 visits 89% new

Vice President Report none to report

Secretary Report none to report

Treasurers Report written submitted by Debbie

At Large Member Report none to report position now open

TLBP: Aug 20, 2022 date set for State of the Lakes, need volunteers to assist with on-site registration and dinner. Other programs proceeding thru Grant/Approval process.

Committee Reports:

June 18, 2022 Fathers Day "Experience Lakeside" - was a measured success, those who stopped by the booth we interested in TLA, not large volume of persons

4th of July booth - was slow weather was not supportive, no other vendor type booths were present

Membership report - 3-4 new at Fathers Day event

Blume letter to membership no report

History Dinner --to be considered for the 3rd weekend in September, still confirming presenters

Old Business

Update on Tenmile Creek Restoration - water level still high all is holding well. Some people are questioning when the City Sewer Plant moves what will the insurance status be for the restoration project?

Lake Gauge - 7.80ft higher than many previous years for this date in July.

Septic repair/replacement grants from DEQ, criteria and proposals for Tenmile Lakes are still being determined.

Floating toilets - meetings upcoming in Aug and Sept between the entities involved with purchase/maintenance.

Loaner Life Jacket station - working great

New Business none to report

Adjournment 6:25pm

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