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TLA November Meeting called to order 5:30pm Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Board Members Present: Al Whitney, Debbie Newman, Gerry Ewing

Members/Guests Present: Mavis Hurn (City Council), Betty Ewing, Tom & Rita (North Lake Property Owners), John Reiss(Ringo's Lakeside Marina) Dee Drummond

Approval of October 5, 2022 minutes postponed.

Presidents report: Picnic Shelter almost complete, roofing remaining -Thank You Al Whitney for all the effort and donation- everyone agreed it looked great! County will be handling reservation for this, first come first serve basis now. Community Luau in honor of the late Diane O'Brien, was held in October; a lot of effort by several people from Lakeside made this celebration of life event happen.

Vice President report: no report

Secretary report: no report

Treasures report: hard copy attached, it was approved

At Large Member: Green Lake, when do we expect to see it gone? Discussions took place with comments: when and amount of rain, wind, temperature are factors. Also, membership revenue going forward: how, when, and dollars. To be revisited each future meetings.

TLBP report: Projects are moving forward, will be reviewed at future meeting.

Membership report: Proposal for Mailchimp software system for membership communications. The cost is $11.00 per month for 3 login identified users from TLA. The motion was approved by all to accept the fee for Mailchimp, mass email communication.

Old Business

Update Creek Restoration: Docks floated well all summer! The lowest lake level was 6.2 ft, property owners have passed along much appreciation for the project.

Lake gauge report: working well, current level 6.5ft

Algae report: some visual still present

New Business

Discussion for activities to unite Lakeside and Lake Property Owners. There are more of these conversations at almost every community meeting currently in Lakeside. More to follow.

Ideas for fundraising for TLA projects: pet parade, hot air balloon exposition, cardboard boat races, etc. To be reviewed at future meeting.

Also noted the Haunted House, Sat Oct 29, conducted by Lakeside Volunteer Fire Dept was very successful with lots of fun for the children in attendance. Thank You all volunteers who made this event happen.

Meeting adjourned 6:25 pm

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