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Tenmile Creek Restoration: GO!

Hello Everyone,

I am proud to report that we are ready to start restoring our creek! On June 8, the 404 permit will be activated and we will begin work on this project shortly thereafter. All obstacles have been cleared to date.

Here is a quick summary of what's been going on:

- Board liability insurance - We were able to find a insurer for directors/board liability insurance which was the final hurdle. The City of Lakeside required insurance for the project, and we struggled for about a month to find some. Fortunately a quote came in and it was fairly affordable.

- Construction Bids - The TLA board is in process of approving the bid for the project. TLA is voting on this is being handled via email as we need to sign the contract with the company to get the project on their schedule and we have already had our meeting for the month. Once the contract is signed I will share the details of the bid and the local company that gave us a wonderful bid.

- Funding - Last month I mentioned the need for additional funds for the project. At this point, I am pretty confident we will have the funds to complete the project. We had another lake owner donate a really nice fishing boat that we will be auctioning off soon. We expect this boat to fetch between $15-20,000. Thank you! They also donated a cute paddle boat that we will auction off too. Also, our TLA chair raffle is going strong! Get your tickets at Ringo's for a wonderful wood chair handmade by our TLA President Alan Whitney. (see picture)

In the coming weeks I will be putting out a call for volunteers to help with various tasks. We will need a group of people to go limb the logs and clean up. Later on we will need volunteers to plant willows in the finished riparian area. As soon as the I have the details I will let you know.

Finally, a whole lot of thanks to everyone: City of Lakeside, Mayor, City Counsel, TLBP, Mike Mader, the TLA Board, all the donors, all the State and Federal agencies involved. Wow! Amazing support!



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