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Log Wood Project Tenmile creek


PO Box 600

Lakeside, OR 97449



Three years ago, Tenmile Lakes Association (TLA) and Tenmile Basin Partnership (TLBP) worked hard to install an engineered large wood project in Tenmile Creek to improve habitat and slow the flow of the lake and maintain a 6' lake elevation. The project was funded 100% by donations. TLA initially raised $80,000, thanks to the generosity of many! The project, with expert management, came in under budget, and we had reserves. Due to maintenance costs and insurance, those reserves are gone.

We need funds as soon as possible to pay for upcoming and future bills for maintenance and creek project insurance annual payments, or we may lose the entire structure, and the severe low water conditions will return. The lake elevation is one of the keys to a healthy lake. All donations pay for on-the-ground work or insurance.

TLA aims to raise $80,000 and asks for a minimum annual $100 donation. Consider donating a minimum of $100 annually to TLA, but all donation amounts are appreciated. TLA is a 501 3C non-profit, and donations are tax-deductible. TLA is run by volunteers, all of whom own a residence on Tenmile Lakes. We have no paid staff. The TLA has lost key members who donated much time to fundraising and awareness. Our active members are small, and we working on finding additional active members to assist with fundraising efforts. If you love the lake, like we do, please donate to SAVE TENMILE LAKES!

Donate by mailing a check to Tenmile Lakes Association or by credit/debit on TLA’s website ( in the “Support” tab.

It costs more than $200 in postage to notify the lakefront residence owners when money is needed to help preserve the lakes. To stay updated, subscribe to our E-News at so we can stay in touch by email.

Thank you for your help,

Tenmile Lake Association Board Members

Alan Whitney, President,

Diane Snyder, Vice President

Debbie Newman, Treasurer

Greta Krost, Secretary

Gerry Ewing, Member at Large

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