Lake Watch Update

TLA is continuing to look for interested persons to volunteer for a Lake Watch program for North and South Tenmile Lake. We have several people who have shown interest in participating in a neighborhood watch program. Volunteers would be assigned a specific area to boat around and view properties from the lake. Accessing properties would only be required at the owner's request. This maybe be good especially for absentee owners. Volunteers would not be required to confront any issues found, but rather to report them to the owner and the Lake Captain, or in the case of an emergency, the Sheriff. Because we have many absentee property owners on the lake, the volunteers would be particularly motivated to inspect properties (lake-side) after heavy storms have affected the lake. Having a Lake Watch team of volunteers would hopefully encourage a sense of community and protection, knowing that neighbors are looking out for each other. As we would not be partnering with the Lakeside Community Watch program, volunteers would not need a background check for this program.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Alan Whitney at 541-297-1663 or Julie Robbers at 541-982-9829.

Thank you,

Alan Whitney

Tenmile Lake, March 2018. Lakeside, Oregon - Oregon Coast. Photo courtesy of The Yellow Desk.

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