Community Watch

Community Watch

From Sharon Vest,

May 20, 2017

As property owners on N. Tenmile lake we have now experienced theft twice since purchasing in 2007. Because we are not "residents" in that this is a vacation spot for us we would be interested in a program like neighborhood watch or some coordinated effort to "drive by" and check things out. Our cabin is on the cove behind the train trestle before Blacks Arm and is rather isolated making it too easy for malicious activity. Do much for enjoying privacy! We have lost thousands of dollars of belongings. First it was our generator, compressor, saw, various tools and household goods. This week we discovered solar panels missing and other outdoor items and they will certainly be back for the rest of the panels and the batteries plus whatever else strikes their fancy. Someone somewhere has seen these people carting stuff off by boat. Please alert everyone you know and if you see something suspicious when in our area contact us! Spread the word, they are coming in by boat and could be really obvious. They will most likely be selling these items. You could be next.

Train trestle over Tenmile Lake. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Kraintz of Lavish Salon in Coos Bay.

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