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Water Quality Study - Volunteers Needed

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

TLBP and TLA are looking for participants in a water quality study. This could help in planning for future grants and activities.

We are helping the University of Oregon researcher who has funding for this study.

The study involves 50 + persons to fill out a short questionnaire about the effect of Tenmile Lakes water quality on their household/business.

Of those, we would like some participants to volunteer for a focus group to discuss their concerns about water quality and harmful algae blooms on their households/businesses.

We are also looking for a select group of households using lake water for their home to do water sampling at intervals throughout the year. The tests will be for free and data will be blinded so results are anonymous. This is an excellent chance to test your water treatment's effect on toxins. There may be financial compensation for participation.

Contact Mike Mader at if interested.

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