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Agenda for meeting of 3/6/2024 Lakeshore Lodge 5;30

                            TLA, Tenmile Lakes Association                          

                          meeting  Lakeshore Lodge Wednesday 5:30PM 3/06/24


Call to Order

Board Roll Call and Introductions of members. Guests

Approval of minutes from 02/07/24

Presentation and Q & A from Joe Cowan for Canal weed control

President’s Report.

Vice-President’s Report

Secretary’s Report

Treasurer’s Report- .

At Large Member’s Report  -  Xmas Train display

TLBP  report;  Report on Algae survey and sampling

       Progress on wetland restoration projects.

       June 1 free fishing day volunteers?

Committee Reports

     Out reach  Letters 1  Discuss different platform instead of PayPal for donations and events

                                   2. Information letter

                                   3. Discussion on increase in participation in organization, marketing, event communication, website content and communication coordinator

                                    4. Tip of the month on website, plumbers. Contractors, etc.

Old Business

      Lake gauge report 

      Set calendar and activities for year; Earth day 4/20   ,  Experience Lakeside 6/15  ,  July 4th,

                Lake Tour  ?        ; Stated of the Lakes and Large Item pickup 8/24  ;History Dinner


     Discuss new 3 year project to eliminate weeds in canal, Estimate from Joe Cowan

     Float toilets

     Money Making – UTV Takeover Volunteer at Horsefall/Boxcar paid to TLA

     New Business






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