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Lake Weeds & Blue-Green Algae Treatments

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Tenmile Lake Basin Partnership had a presentation at their meeting last night about a potential treatment for the lakes that has reported success in other lakes mostly in the east. The company that is proposing the treatment is They claim that their treatment can reduce weeds, eliminate or reduce toxic algae, reduce sediment and tie up phosphoris in the lake. They have documented these results on other lakes. The treatment is a combination of oxygenation of sediment and deeper water while destratifying the lake. They then add enzymnes to help normal zooplankton to thrive which will then help fishing. They claim to rebalance the ecology. It was an impressive presentation which we will have a committee look in to. The cost is also impressive. Proposed $350,000 over 3 years for a trial area of Coleman arm. There is some ongoing costs for maintanence, enzymes and monitoring. What are the area residents willing to due? We will try to pay for much with grants but ongoing costs will not be covered. Please check out company web site and let us know what you think.

Alan Whitney

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