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TLA Meeting Minutes: October 2018

Tenmile Lakes Association                                                Minutes                                              10/03/2018 Call to Order: 6:18pm Board Members Present : Alan Whitney, Rachele Lyon, Julie Robbers, Debbie Newman Approval of minutes from 9/5/2018, motioned by D. Newman and T. Beale, motion carried. Presidents Report Alan Whitney: None Vice Presidents Report Rachele Lyon: Went to the last months TLBP meeting and thinks their doing great work on the Lamprey project. There was a published agenda of all the restoration projects happening in Big Creek Arm and Adams Arm. Meetings are open to the public and wants to encourage anyone interested to attend. Secretary Report Julie Robbers: See minutes at TLA's website Treasures Report Debbie Newman: beginning balance as of 9/05/18 is $12,773.76 Lake clean up.                                          $80.00 Dues:                                                         $99.82 No expenses Balance in checkbook.                      $12,863.97 Cash on hand                                            $24.61 Total balance                                      $12,888.58 At Large Member Report Blume: Not present TLBP Report Mike Mader: Not present. Tom Beale commented that slit has been filling in the end of shutters Arm. Rachele Lyons said she will bring this up at the next TLBP meeting. As of September 11, 2018 Lake level is at 4.2. COMMITTEE REPORTS Outreach Report Julie Robbers: (Whitney, Robbers, Newman, Bauer, Reiss) History Dinner - will be on November 17, 2018 this year and the topic is "Tribal Life on the water ways of Coos. Presented by Mark Petrie from the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua & Siuslaw Indians. Tickets will be $30.00. Large raffle baskets and wonderful items to be present. Discussion about a possible May 2019 Cheese and Wine Boat Tour around Tenmile Lakes. TBD Membership Report Rachele: keeping on top of membership OLD BUSINESS Lake Gauge Report :  Is off Weed Barrier: Video is now available on YouTube. TLA can make these barriers for members at a cost of $100.00 per 10x10. Just a reminder you will need to move the barrier around and shake off the slit monthly. Approach for low water:  Looking to apply for a 404 for a natural beaver dam. John Reiss went to the City of Lakeside Council meeting on 9/13/18 to ask for their support on this application.  This was well received. Next meeting is on October 11th. Bob Princehouse said it would would be really great to have at least two more feet of water in the lake in the summer. Dues will  increase to $25.00 in 2019 or $100.00 for five years. New Website: Needs pictures, if you have any pictures and would like to share, please send them New Business: Any other New Business: None Public Comments and Input: Several people made comments about observing the Nutria animals around the lake. Attended: 15 Adjournment: 7:03pm motioned by D. Newman and seconded by K. Robbers Motion carried.

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