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Tenmile Lakes Association

JUNE MEETING 06/07/2023

Lakeshore Lodge and via zoom at 5:30 PM


Alan Whitney, Dee Drummond, Debbie Newman, Greta Krost, Diane Snyder, Kimberlly Ritter (city council representative), Betty and Gerry Ewing, Brad Ballast


Minutes from May 2023

  • Approved

President’s Report

  • See below

Vice President’s Report

  • Nothing to report

Secretary’s Report

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report

Expenses: 13.00 (mailchimp) and $558.00 (NBS insurance)

Income: $330.00 (less 5.97 paypal)

balance in checking account: 37,408.62

balance in savings account: 1.00

cash on hand: 45.62


submitted by Debbie Newman, treasurer of TLA

Member at Large Report

Nothing to report

TLBP Report

Hired work crew and ready to hire monitoring tech for Benson Creek. Restoration projects starting on Benson Creek.

Domestic water sampling survey is going well on the lake.

Outreach Committee

  • Fourth of July Fireworks – Meeting to occur between the Fire Department, City, and John Reiss. Still might need volunteers. Gerry will report back. TLA might need to send out an email asking for volunteers. Brad Ballast suggested there be a volunteer form, for better communication. Brad volunteered, but hasn’t gotten any details of needs.

  • History dinner – James Edwards said he would be the speaker. Former Mayor and grew up in Lakeside. Debbie will ask Tom Fransway if TLA can have a speaker system TLA can use. Maybe a screen and projector.

  • Motion to hold history dinner on Sept 23 at 5:30 pm, open doors at 5 pm. Alan to ask Lodge owners about date, pricing, # of people (approx 50).

  • Need raffle items from members and a smooth process for silent auction.

  • Large Item Pick-up - 3rd or 4th weekend in August. Need to figure out the barge and need volunteers to pick up stuff. Ask Blume to post in email.

  • Cardboard Boat races - Something to look into.

Membership Report

  • Not present

Old Business

  • Hot Air balloons

  • Tenmile Creek log project is working well. 2’ difference in elevation above and below the logs. No erosion.

  • Fire department received a grant to place 140 to 170 dock signs. If you want a sign and are not a permanent resident, call the fire department. Alan will check the voter residency and contact the fire department.

Lake Gauge Report 6.95’

New Business

  • Motion for July meeting to be via email with topics focused on Large Item pick up and History Dinner.

Meeting adjourned 6:35 PM

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