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TLA Meeting Agenda - March 2020

Tenmile Lakes Association

Meeting 03/04/2020 at Lakeshore Lodge 6PM


Call to Order

Board Roll Call and Introductions of members and Guests

Approval of minutes from 2/05/2020

President’s Report

Vice-President’s Report

Secretary’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

At Large Member’s Report

TLBP Report

Committee Reports

Outreach -Julie Robbers

April Lake Cleanup Earth Day 04/25/2020

May History Dinner Jack Bowron to speak on Curry and Hollywood time in Lakeside 05/16/2020

Wine and chocolate 06/13/2020

July 4 is a Saturday this year

Question as to how much from events goes to TLA and how much to fundraising functions

Question A labor day membership drive with booths to sell used items?

Membership report – John Reiss

Old Business

Update on Tenmile Creek Restoration. Revising from recommendations. The 404 is ready and John made a presentation to City Council of the plans.

Lake gauge report

Revision Of Bylaws

Meeting with Angie Cowan

Board Liability Insurance

Proposal to clean up the Lake via aeration and bacterial with enzyme treatment.

New Business


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