Tenmile Creek Restoration ***APPROVED!***

Updated: May 21, 2020

Republished with corrected fundraising totals, See below

Hello Friends!

When last I sat down to update you all on the project, Pre-COVID19, we had just submitted the 404 Permit Request. I am happy to report some truly great news.

Last week we received approvals from both the State (via ODEQ) and Federal (via ACOE) governments. See documents linked below. This is truly fantastic news! As of right now, the 404 permit for our creek restoration will be issued on July 8, 2020.

Federal Approval

Tenmile Cr Restoration NWP-2019-46
Download PDF • 2.39MB

Oregon Approval

ODEQ NWP_401_Cert_Tenmile Creek Large Wo
Download • 8.03MB

Where do we stand on fundraising for the project?

Revision - Sorry folks when I published this I was mistaken as to reaching our goal. The official tally on the books should have been $58,030.46. Since I published yesterday we received another $1000 in donations from 3 people. So currently total is $59,030.46. Sorry for the error.

So its been a year since I first set a goal for raising money for this project. Over that time much has changed, such as my brief infatuation with beaver dams. However our fundraising goal of $60,000 was always considered estimate to get started. I am happy to report that we have reached our goal! This is more good news!

However the reality is we likely will still need a little more money in donations to complete the project. How much? likely $10-$15 thousand more. That's actually really good news too since we originally estimated this this project to cost over $300,000.

So as we continue to ask for a bit more money from everyone, we are beginning to ramp the project up for completion. Our hope, by asking now for about $15,000 more, we will avoid running out of money as complete the project this Summer/Fall.

To kick things off, check out this Beautiful chair (below) made by our TLA President Alan Whitney! We will be raffling this off at Ringo's at the end of summer. Tickets are $2 each or 6 for $10!

WIN THIS CHAIR! Raffle tickets available at Ringo's Lakeside Marina!

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