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TLA Meeting Minutes - November 2019

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

November 6, 2019 / 6PM / LAKESHORE LODGE


Julie Robbers, Blume Bauer, Debbie Newman, Mike Shaw, John Reiss, Angie Cowan,

Rich Schradle, Jim Weishaupt, Dee Drummond, and Jim Moulten.


Approval of Minutes from the October Meeting (10/2/2019)

1. Minutes not approved, postponed to next meeting.

President’s Report

● Attended a non-profit workshop. Purchased a booklet that contains

information on maintaining financial records for non-profits as well as

rules for order of conduct. Recommends reviewing and making changes to

bylaws via a committee. (Bylaws are on TLA’s website for review.)

● Recommendation to consider insurance for the board of officers due to

the increasing funds brought in for fundraising.

● Submitted a letter of request for a $10,000 grant from Coquille Tribe

before the 10/31/19 deadline. Received a letter back approving our

letter of request and asking that we submit a full grant packet.

Vice President’s Report

● None

Secretary’s Report

● None (absent last meeting)

Treasurer’s Report

● The current account balance is $63,708.56

○ Membership dues received – $25

○ Creek Restoration donations – $1297.50

○ No expenses for month

○ Balances

■ Checking $63,658.49

■ Paypal $0

■ Savings Account $1.00

■ Cash on hand $49.07

○ Total Raised for Creek Restoration Project to date – $49,260.26

○ Total Raised for 2020 Fireworks – $3162.06

○ Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report by Julie Robbers, John Reiss

seconded. All in favor.

Member at Large Report

● None

Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership (TLBP) Report

● TLA requested that Dee Drummond give a verbal report for TLBP at future

meetings as a TLBP Board Member. Dee agreed to do so.

● Recreational advisory on both lakes for water quality.

● John Reiss reminded everyone that with a higher level of water, we would

have cooler water, and less algae blooms theoretically.

Committee Reports

● Outreach Committee

○ Earth Day

■ Next upcoming event in April TBD

○ History Dinner

■ Moved to May TBD

■ Jack Bowron to speak about Curry Village and the years

surrounding it in Lakeside

■ John Reiss recommended possible Camp Curry Tours on day of

history dinner

○ Wine & Chocolate Tour

■ June TBD

○ 4th of July Beach Party

■ Putting together a brochure to raise funds again this year.

○ Large Item Clean Up

■ August TBD

○ State of the Lakes (TLBP event)

■ August TBD

Membership Committee Report

● John Reiss has stepped in to take over the Membership Officer position.

Old Business

● Lake Gauge Report

○ The lake gauge is currently working and reads 6.49”.

● Creek Restoration Project

○ Site Tour with John Reiss was very successful.

■ Approximately 20 people in attendance, including Council

Member Debi Rose, Sanitation Plant Operator Gary, Gary

Vanderhoe from ODFW, and Mike Mader from TLBP.

■ John would like to host more site tours. The next one to be

held between Thanksgiving and Christmas TBD.

■ John has a Q&A document about the Creek Restoration Project

to share with people who are interested.

■ The engineer for the project has been procured – plans will

be ready in approximately 2 weeks.

■ John will attend City Council meeting next week to provide

an update on the Creek Restoration Project.

New Business

● Revision of bylaws

○ Need committee

● Insurance

○ Discuss board insurance and renewing liquor license for events at

next meeting.

● Tax Filing by an Accountant

○ The type of funds that TLA has are restricted and unrestricted


○ Merit Accounting Services provided a proposal for handling our tax

filing now that we have an increased amount of funds coming in.

The board and attending members of the meeting reviewed the


○ Julie Robbers motioned that we hire Merit Accounting Services to

file our 990EZ for the rate of $499/year. John Reiss seconded the

motion. All in favor.

● New Auditing Committee

○ Proposed that Mike Shaw, Alan Whitney, and Debbie Newman handle

the yearly audit for Tenmile Lakes Association.

○ Julie made a motion to approve the new auditing committee, Dee

Drummond seconded the motion. All in favor.


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