Memories of Lakeside: Jack Bowron

For years one of the most eagerly attended events on the TLA calendar has been our Lakeside History Dinner. Every year the event was sold out as those lucky to get a ticket were treated to a top-notch dinner and chat with a guest speaker. Unfortunately, with COVID impacting our lives, this fundraising event has not taken place for the last two years. Jack Bowron was originally going to be our speaker in 2020.

For the last 2 years Alan Whitney, TLA President, has been working to figure out how we could capture Jack's memories to share with everyone. In August, we took the first stab of recording Mike Mader's TLBP "State of the Lakes" presentation. This first attempt albeit basic, was well received. Alan asked Jack if he would be OK with recording a session and on November 18, Jack invited us into his home to chat.

Here are the links to the video now live on YouTube. The video is split into 2 parts. Without further ado, here Jack Bowron in his own words sharing some of his memories of Lakeside!

Memories of Lakeside: Jack Bowron (Part 1)

Memories of Lakeside: Jack Bowron (Part 2)

Finally, a little plug: As mentioned before, the TLA History Dinner was a fundraising event. If you can donate some money to the TLA as it continues to support lake improvements, please do. Donations can be made by visiting the TLA website or in person at Ringo's Lakeside Marina.

Happy Holidays!


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