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MEETING MINUTES - October 2021



Location: Lakeshore Lodge, Time: 6 pm


Debbie Newman, Mike Mader, Mike Shaw, Diane Snyder


Minutes from the August meeting were approved by Debbie and seconded by Mike Shaw.

President’s Report:

Alan Whitney was out of town. Diane Snyder conducted the meeting.

Secretary’s report:

Secretary was not present

Treasure report:

expenses: none


dues: $125.00 ( less 3.47 PayPal)

creek restoration: 10.00 ( less .69 PayPal)


$135.00 (less 4.16 Pay Pal)

balance in checking account:$41,002.83

balance in savings account: 1.00

balance in Pay Pal: .00

cash on hand : 34.62


total: $41,038.45

total donations for creek restoration:$80.454.57

total expenses creek restoration: $55,939.90

total carried over 2022 fireworks: $3,208.81

submitted by Debbie Newman, treasurer TLA

TLBP Report: Mike Mader gave a report on the Devil Lake boat tour.

We discussed the aeration project on Coleman Arm.

Outreach Committee:

Large dumpster fill: Diane suggested that next year we could recruit some high school students to volunteer to help with the dumpster project.

We discussed ways to attain additional membership.

The history dinner is still pending.

No new business was presented during this meeting.

Meeting was adjourned @6:45 PM

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