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MEETING MINUTES - October 2020

Updated: Nov 10, 2020


October MEETING 10.07.2020

Location: Lakeshore Lodge, Time: 6 pm


Alan Whitney, Debbie Newman, Julie Robbers, Dee Drummond, Greta Krost, Mike Shaw, John Reiss, Renee Towan, Jim Towan, Ken Ireland, Alicia Douglas


Minutes from September 2020

  • Minutes approved

President’s Report

  • Motion approved to give a ‘Thank You’ gift for the TLBP and Mike Mader for their assistance for the in-stream lake restoration project. Details to be determined.

  • Approved for TLA members who were involved (Alan and John) to investigate details and TLA approved a thank you plan with a cap of $2,000.

Vice President’s Report

  • None

Secretary’s Report

  • None

Treasurer’s Report


Julie Robbers-dump charges: 192.36

Johnson Rock-creek restor. : 40163.00



pay pal giving fund: 2.00

creek restoration: 200.00


balance in checking account: 44164.36

balance in savings account: 1.00

cash on hand: 49.67


total donations for creek restoration: 80,438.46

raffle tickets (from prior reports) 530.00


total expenses for creek restoration:51,237.83

total for 2021 fireworks: 3208.81

Submitted by Debbie Newman, treasurer

TLA approved treasures report

Member at Large Report

  • Nothing to report.

TLBP Report

  • Looking at purchasing lowlands around Big Creek. Estimated cost for survey was $30,000, which is twice the amount as initially expected.

  • Projects to encourage beaver habitat on private/state land with approval from landowner.

Outreach Committee

  • Most things on are on hold due to Covid.

  • Next event is on Earth Day, May 1st.

  • Still wants to do a history dinner, but unsure of logistics. Maybe outside, smaller number of people, etc. It has been sold out every year.

  • Think ahead for July 4th event – snack shack.

Membership Report

  • Do you need paying members to be a non-profit? TLA is thinking of not charging money for memberships unless it impacts non-profit status.

Old Business

  • Thank you letters for fire department, Deputy Sheriff Jon Holder, and people who made ‘large’ contributions to restoration project – John Reiss

  • Greta to look at graphics/style for general thank you card.

In-stream Restoration Project

  • TLA and others plugged small leak with sandbags, etc.

  • Put up portage signs.

  • Did not observe a water level difference between upstream/downstream of. Is the creek influenced by the tide?

Lake Gauge Report

  • The day the instream restoration was completed, the lake level was 5.55 ft above sea level, today it is 5.65 ft.

Health of the Lake

  • The lake is above drinking water standards due to blue green algae.

Lake Improvement

  • Alan talked about the ‘Lake Savers’ (a type of bubbler and enzymes) to help with algae, muck, weeds. Success in parts of Devils Lake (near Lincoln City). The TLBP and Tribes are interested in this process. TLA could help with raising money, outreach, etc. see

  • Lake floating outhouses: Alan emailed Bob Main, but he has not heard anything regarding rebuilding floating outhouses.

  • Members discussed that the process of dredging the channel – It is both a regulatory process and well as a cost factor, and where to put the spoils.

Wake boats

  • Is Tenmile Lakes an appropriate lake for large wake boats?

    • What is the regularity procedure?

    • Table topic for next month

New Business

  • Can the TLA assist on getting a life jacket station at the county docks? It needs to come from a non-profit. There is a 13-page grant request from OR State Marine Board. Julie will fill out form. Motion approved to try to work on life jacket station/life ring on docks effort.

  • Tax concerns from lack of filing in past year have been waived from IRS.

Meeting adjourned 7:35pm

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