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MEETING MINUTES - November 2021


Nov MEETING 11.03.21

Location: Lakeshore Lodge, Time: 6 pm


Alan Whitney, Debbie Newman, Dee Drummond, Greta Krost, Mike Shaw, John Reiss, Cathay Reiss, Diane Snyder


Minutes from Oct 2021

  • Approved

President’s Report

  • The creek was running upstream, due to high tides

Vice President’s Report

  • Not present

Secretary’s Report

  • October notes posted to website

Treasurer’s Report

Expenses: none


dues: $125.00 ( less 3.47 PayPal)

creek restoration: 10.00 ( less .69 PayPal)


$135.00 (less 4.16 Pay Pal)

balance in checking account: $41,002.83

balance in savings account: 1.00

balance in pay pal: .00

cash on hand: 34.62


total: 40,038.45

total donations for creek restoration: $80,454.57

total expenses for creek restoration: $55,939.90

total carried over for 2022 fireworks: $ 3,208.81

submitted by Debbie Newman, treasurer of TLA

Member at Large Report

  • Nothing to report

TLBP Report

Discussion of new MOU for lake improvement with TLPB and others. Committee concerns - $10,000 cost for aeration maintenance vs focusing fundraising on a TLA project like dredging the canal, … Will discuss further at Dec meeting when members have a chance to read MOU.

Federal Grant from DEQ for $15 million across the State of Oregon. May be based on income ($55k annual income). Opportunity to be explored for how to get tenmile lake front homeowners financial assistance to upgrade their septic systems. DEQ wants local organizations to do the work, DEQ reached out to TLBP. TLA needs a local plan to outreach to lake owners.

Outreach Committee

History dinner - Alan will invite Jack Bowran for the TLA December meeting at Lodge. John will record.

Membership Report

Membership report – Motion for Greta, Michelle, and Blume to work on membership coordinator duties.

Cathy mentioned a tip for homeowners is to put Copper sulfate into the distribution tank of septic systems to help clean out the leach lines.

Lake Gauge Report

5.3’ August 4

4.5’ Sept 1

XX’ Oct

8.98’ Nov

Old Business

Update on Tenmile Creek Restoration - currently underwater

Lake improvement aeration project - TLPB is still waiting for bids

Algae report - More algae in the lake now then in September.

Wake Signs are still available

New Business

Action Items - Oregon State Marine Board - Channel needs new ‘Slow No Wake Signs’.

Meeting adjourned 7:00 PM

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