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May 8, 2020 / Special Meeting


Alan Whitney, Julie Robbers, Blume Bauer, Debbie Newman, Mike Shaw, and Ken Robbers.


Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, the board held a special meeting in person with social distancing to deal with current and upcoming projects, cancellations, and postponements. The regular meeting for May was canceled.

Minutes from April 2020

  • Ken made a motion to approve, Debbie seconded, all in favor. Minutes from April Special meeting approved.

President’s Report

  • Will discuss topics further into the meeting.

Vice President’s Report

  • To be discussed during outreach portion of meeting.

Secretary’s Report

  • Nothing to report at this time.

Treasurer’s Report

  • The current account balance is $63,122.46

    • Creek Restoration donations – $1101.20

    • Expenses

      • Oregon Department of Justice $96.36

      • DEQ (404 Permit) $985

      • Merit Accounting $514

      • Porior Engineering $8362

      • Website hosting renewal $190

    • Balances

      • Checking $63071.89

      • Paypal $0

      • Savings Account $1.00

      • Cash on hand $49.57

    • Total Raised for Creek Restoration Project to date – $58,030.46 (after expenses, current Creek Restoration total $48,683.46)

    • Total Raised for 2020 Fireworks – $3208.81

  • Taxes have been paid and submitted with the help of Angie Cowan

  • Debbie is meeting with Angie quarterly to keep the financial records in line with reporting for taxes

Member at Large Report

  • Apple trees on the lake look good!

TLBP Report

  • No meetings during COVID19 restrictions.

  • Mike Mader is working from home.

  • Mader said that they have 2-4 possible large wood trees donated to the Creek Restoration Project. Trees would be donated and transported to the site as part of the donation.

  • State of the Lakes is scheduled for August 14th

Outreach Committee

  • Earth Week Clean Up

    • Alan and Julie made signs for the barges

    • Alan placed his barge on South Lake and it’s almost full

    • Ken & Julie are going to use their dump trailer to take stuff to the dump

  • History Dinner

    • Postponed to October

    • Date TBD

  • Wine & Chocolate Tour

    • Postponed until we’re able to gather in social settings

  • Independence Day Celebration

    • No TLA snack shack if the fireworks move forward

  • Lake Item Swapmeet & Membership Drive

    • Labor Day Weekend (first weekend of September)

    • Each “vendor” gets a tarp space on the ground

    • People can bring all lake and/or nautical items, boat stuff, or cabin stuff

    • Hold it at the county park

    • Possibly have a snack shack?

  • Large Item Pickup

    • August 22nd

    • Must call Alan or Julie to schedule the pickup and make arrangements

Membership Report

  • John Reiss not in attendance

Lake Gauge Report

  • Approximately 9 feet


  • Tabled until Mike Shaw is added to the bank account as a signer

Board Liability Insurance

  • General liability portion of the bid pulled out

  • Alan is working with insurance agent to find someone who will take us on and cover the board’s liability

  • The quote was $650-$750/year for board liability

  • Julie will follow up with insurance agent to see if she can help it move forward

Lake Aeration Proposal

  • Waiting on word from Richard Litts for an additional presentation

  • It was suggested that this not be a TLA project, but instead a TLBP project

Meeting adjourned 4:30pm

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