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MEETING MINUTES - February 2021



Wednesday, Feburary 3, 2021 - Zoom Online Meeting


Alan Whitney, Blume Bauer, Debbie Newman, Renee Towan, Jim Towan, John Reiss, Dennis Crismore


Minutes from November 2020

  • Motion to approve made by Debbie, 2nd by Jim. All were in favor. Minutes approved

President’s Report

  • Will discuss items later in the agenda.

Vice President’s Report

  • Absent (Jim & Renee Towan have proxy)

Secretary’s Report

  • Absent (Blume Bauer took minutes)

Treasurer’s Report

  • The current account balance is $45,355.92

    • Membership Dues: $97.50

    • Paypal Giving Fund: $2.00

    • Expenses

      • Cascade Pacific via Mike Mader for Creek Restoration $1500

      • Alan Whitney Reimbursement

        • Gift Certificate for Mike Mader $170.00

        • Creek Restoration $44.63

      • Debbie Newman Reimbursement for checks $40.54

      • USPS for Annual PO Box Fee $64

      • Corporation Division Annual Fee $50

      • Total expenses $1869.17

    • Balances

      • Checking $45,305.25

      • Paypal $0

      • Savings Account $1.00

      • Cash on hand $49.67

    • Total Raised for Creek Restoration Project to date – $80,445.26

    • Total Expenses for Creek Restoration Project to date – $53,289.90

    • Total Raised for 2020 Fireworks – $3208.81

    • Total Raffle Tickets sold $630.00

  • Debbie is in contact with Angie Cowan regarding our taxes. She has sent over the files that Angie needs to get our taxes filed for this year.

  • The 5-year membership purchased was from Dan Courtney from Roseburg.

  • Jim made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report, Renee seconded. All were in favor.

Member at Large Report

  • Absent

TLBP Report

  • Mike Mader put in a formal request for bids for aeration on the lake

    • He will need these bids to request grant money.

    • He will apply for grants when he has all of the bids in.

Outreach Committee

  • Earth Day Lake Clean Up

    • Scheduled for May 1st

  • 4th of July

    • We are unsure if the city is hosting the fireworks this year.

Membership Report

  • Alan will ask Angie Cowan if our members are required to be paid members.

Creek Restoration Project

  • The water has reached a height that covers the restoration at this point. Not sure if the willows planted are still there.

Floating Restroom Report

  • North Lake restroom is still present and clean.

Life Jacket Station

  • Renee filled out what she could in the packet but hit a snag

  • Needs to get bids and the funding part filled out for the grant work

  • Alan recommended talking to Mader to see who to get bids from

Wake Signs

  • Now available and have been provided to North Lake Resort, Ringo’s Marina, the County Park, and Osprey RV Resort.

  • Other potential recommended locations

    • Camp Easter Seals

    • Sunlake Marina

    • Floating Restroom on North Lake

    • Jim & Renee Towan’s Dock

    • Alan would like to see one go up at the entrance to Coleman Arm

    • John Reiss’s friend offered to put one on his place

Lake Gauge Report

  • None

New Business

  • Phil Gray’s boat sunk on North Lake. Harry and Mike spent two days getting it out of the lake and could possibly be compensated for their time. John asked to push the conversation to the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned 7:15pm

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