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August MEETING 8.04.21

Location: Lakeshore Lodge, Time: 6 pm


Alan Whitney, Debbie Newman, Dee Drummond, Greta Krost, Mike Mader, Jim Werelus, Rob Jonas, John Reiss


Minutes from July 2021

  • Minutes approved

President’s Report

  • August 13th Alan and Mike are visiting a lake aeration project at Devils Lake near Lincoln City

  • TLA insurance is paid to date

Vice President’s Report

  • Not present

Secretary’s Report

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report


Johnson Rock (for creek restoration) $1560.00

NBS Insurance-liability 535.17

Blume Bauer-reimburse domain 19.17

National Brokerage-bal.due liability 22.83


total expenses: $2137.17


Paypal(dues Travis Mann and

Scott Marshall) 48.30

Balance in checking account:$39,912.68

Balance in Savings: 1.00

cash on hand: 49.67

paypal: 48.30


Total: $40,011.65

total donations for creek restoration: $80,445.26

Total expenses creek restoration: $55,939.90

total carried over for 2022 fireworks: $3,208.81

submitted by Debbie Newman, treasurer of TLA

Member at Large Report

  • Not present

TLBP Report

Perch Derby - August 14th, PRIZES $450, Ringo’s website and TLPB . TLA receives the application fee.

Busy summer - creek restoration in the Elliott to improve the natural functions and help fish.

State of the Lakes Dinner - $10 donations appreciated, August 21 at the Lions Club in Lakeside, Oregon. Focus on Lakefront homeowners. TLA should have a table to set up to get new members/emails. TLA speaker to promote TLA and membership drive. N. Lake Resort and Greta will be at the TLA Table.

Monitoring on Tenmile Creek

Outreach Committee

History dinner - Motion to postpone, because we need a volunteer to run it. Maybe we will hold it at Lakeshore Lodge.

Large item pickup - Aug 21. Contact Alan by email for large items to be pick-up. Donations accepted.

Lake tour events Wine and chocolate - Cancelled

Labor day boat parade - Sunday 5th - start on Ringo’s south lake and head to north lake.

Ongoing Report

Algae report - good

Membership Report

Membership report – donations, website - Please donate

Creek Restoration Project


Lake Gauge Report

7.28’ May 5

6.23’ June 2

6.00’ July 7

5.3’ August 4

New Business

John recommended a video on Facebook for TLA updates.

Meeting adjourned 7:38 PM

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