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Wednesday, August 5, 2020, Lakeshore Lodge


Alan Whitney, Blume Bauer, Debbie Newman, Julie Robbers, Dee Drummond, Greta Krost, Mike Shaw, John Reiss, Cathy Reiss, Mike Mader


Minutes from July 2020

  • Motion to approve made by Julie, 2nd by Mike. All were in favor. Minutes approved

President’s Report

  • DSL (Department of State Lands) visited the lake and conducted inspections. Alan handed over the floor to Greta and Mike Mader.

  • Greta Krost

    • Osprey Point RV Resort began doing work on the side of the canal to widen the walking path for guests

    • It’s suspected that DSL was called by a private citizen

    • DSL came out to the site on July 30 and Osprey was told to stop work in the riparian zone

    • While they were there, they also inspected Greta’s family property across from Osprey Resort on the canal

    • Jacob Taylor was the DSL Agent, his contact info is below:

      • Proprietary Coordinator, Aquatic Resource Management Program, Oregon Department of State Lands

      • Phone: 503-986-5303

      • Field Cell: 503-302-3852

      • Fax: 503-378-4844

      • 775 Summer St. NE, Suite 100, Salem, OR 97301

  • Mike Mader

    • Mader toured both lakes with DSL observing the tops of posts to determine newly placed docks and posts

    • DSL is attempting to change the policy on the lake to “no docks in the canal” due to perceived impediment to boating through the canal

    • Greta mentioned that her dock, while it is in the canal, is placed behind a large metal post and certainly does not stick out into the canal nor impede the path of any boats traveling through the canal

    • Julie mentioned that she will reach out to Jacob Taylor and inform him about all of the TLA outreach we do and help TLA offers for the lake

Vice President’s Report

  • To be discussed during the outreach portion of the meeting.

Secretary’s Report

  • Nothing new to report

Treasurer’s Report

  • The current account balance is $82,541.64

    • Creek Restoration donations – $18,500.00

    • Membership Dues: $10.00

    • Expenses

      • Domain Renewal: $17.99

      • Wendy Schwartz Insurance: $802.83

      • Great American Insurance: $535.00

      • Total expenses $1355.82

    • Balances

      • Checking $82,491.07

      • Paypal $0

      • Savings Account $1.00

      • Cash on hand $49.57

    • Total Raised for Creek Restoration Project to date – $78,558.46

    • Total Expenses for Creek Restoration Project to date – $10,149.83

    • Total Raised for 2020 Fireworks – $3208.81

    • Total Raffle Tickets sold $330.00

  • John made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report, Dee seconded. All were in favor.

Member at Large Report

  • Apples are getting bigger!

TLBP Report

  • Mike Mader reported seeing an Osprey killed by a jet skier. Sadly, it was a tragic accident but a good reminder to watch where you are going on the lake.

  • Thanks to the help of the Lakeside Revitalization Partnership, TLBP will be assisting the placement of a $30,000 ADA Kayak Launch on Eel Lake. Travel Southern Oregon Coast will pay for a portion of the launch. Grants will be procured to pay for the balance.

  • A dog named “Watson” was found dead at a lake Airbnb

    • Blue-green algae was the first assumed culprit of the dog’s death

    • Tests were run on the deceased dog at UC Davis in California. The tests came back negative for cyanotoxins.

    • Something else may have poisoned the dog - poisonous mushrooms are one potential culprit

    • Mike Mader is working on an awareness campaign to keep animals safe that visit and live on the lake. He is distributing a poster, warning pet owners of the dangers the lake can present to pets.

  • State of the Lakes has been cancelled due to COVID

  • Blue-Green Algae Clean Up

    • There will be a meeting of stakeholders at TLBP regarding blue-green algae treatment on the lake

    • Bob Maine and Coos Tribes will be setting up a task force

    • There is a proposal for aeration to clean the lake, it’s possible that Bob Main and Chief Doc Slider may be able to push the project forward with funding and assistance

  • Mader is continuing to work on land acquisition to create wetlands on the lake to help improve the water quality

Outreach Committee

  • Large Item Pick Up has been changed to extend through the month of August

    • Julie and Ken Robbers along with Alan Whitney are heading the project

    • We have received one check for $250 for one lakefront homeowner. The dump fee for their items was only $68 - leaving us with a donation of $182.

    • A man named Allen has volunteered to pick up an metal and appliances - free of charge - so that we do not have to spend the time and fuel to take them to Beaver Hill.

Membership Report

  • No membership officer at this time

Creek Restoration Project

  • We will still be receiving a bill for the log truck that will transport the large logs to the creek

  • We will also still have a bill for the self-loader that will get the logs off of the truck and into the creek

  • The project is set to begin on or about September 1 and must be done by September 15 according to the rules and regulations for work on the lake

  • The project will take 2 to 3 days to complete once it begins

    • **Please note: It is unsafe for the general public to be on the job site during the project. Please stay clear of all equipment and Tenmile Creek while work is underway.

    • Photos will be taken throughout the process for those interested in seeing the progress

  • John questioned what will happen if we get a big rain prior to the project start

    • Mike Mader said that it would slow the project down but would not affect the final outcome

  • South Port Lumber (Tom Miller & Mr. Smith) will make sure the logs are at the creek in time for the start of the project

  • Johnson Rock is the contractor for the project

  • Alan will be signing a letter of understanding with the City of Lakeside that includes an agreement for TLA to maintain liability insurance for 15 years (until 2035).

    • Alan attempted to negotiate the term to 5 years, but Mike Armstrong pushed for the 15 year agreement

  • John Reiss has attended all of the City of Lakeside City Council meetings and provided updates on the Creek Restoration Project

  • We will need volunteers this winter - when the water is high - to plant willows in the creek to help with shore erosion.

  • Mike Mader mentioned that he will continue to pursue the Forest Service for the removal of the dunes at the mouth of the creek (that flows into the ocean) as he believes that is still a culprit for our low water levels on the lake.

Lake Gauge Report

  • Lake gauge had to be updated on the TLBP website due to HTTPS (secured links) updates on Wix

New Business

  • Ballast Boats

    • Ringo spoke to a handful of lakefront homeowners that own ballast boats (the large wake-making boats) and they are willing to help put rules in place to aid in helping to limit damage to property owners on the lake.

  • Property Owners

    • Mike Mader proposed that we collect email addresses for all property owners on the lake

    • Dee mentioned Constant Contact (or other email client) could host our email list and give us the opportunity to keep people informed.

    • Blume mentioned that Wix (our website host) will do this as well.

      • Blume will set up email alerts to go out when the website is updated via the “news” page.

    • Dee suggested that we send an initial letter out to all of the homeowners asking them to be an active part of TLA and ask for their email and contact info so that we can keep them informed of updates on the lake.

  • Fiscal Year-End Meeting – Time to elect officers

    • Blume has resigned as secretary

    • Discussion regarding a new secretary was had. Greta said that she would volunteer for the position.

    • Blume made a motion that Greta Krost be elected as the new TLA Secretary

      • Debbie seconded the motion

      • All were in favor

      • The motion was passed. Greta is the new TLA Secretary

    • Blume also made a motion that the current officers remain in their current positions for another year.

      • Debbie seconded the motion.

      • All were in favor

      • Alan Whitney, President - Julie Robbers, Vice President - Debbie Newman, Treasurer - Mike Shaw, Member at Large will remain in office for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

  • Floating Outhouses

    • Proposal for the next project to get both floating outhouses operating again

      • South Lake’s has been completely removed

      • North Lake’s is still in place - we are unsure if it is working properly

    • People have been reported as using the shoreline as a bathroom

    • The outhouses need to be rebuilt and/or toilets replaced as the parts for the original toilets can no longer be obtained

    • The cost per outhouse would be approximately $200,000

    • Cathy brought up the fact that there are a few public access points on the lake

      • Maybe the access points could have a porta potty and dock placed at each of them to provide public bathrooms on the lake

Meeting adjourned 7:38pm

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