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April MEETING 4.07.2021

Location: Online Meeting, Time: 6 pm


Alan Whitney, Blume Bauer, Debbie Newman, Greta Krost, John Reiss, Renee Towan, Jim Towan, Denise Jones


Minutes from March 2021

  • Minutes approved

President’s Report

  • If covid levels drop, we might be able to meet in person for May meeting.

Vice President’s Report

  • Absent

Secretary’s Report

  • Nothing new to report

Member at Large Report

  • Nothing to report.

TLBP Report

· Alan is reviewing a summary report from a land trust conservancy to evaluate potential problems about Big Creek land acquisition to restore wetlands. He sees that one of the larger issues is property tax.

Outreach Committee

Fireworks – City Council meeting tomorrow on 4/8/2021 and fireworks is on the agenda. Towans will report back to board members.

Earth Day clean up for debris in the lake!! A barge will be on N and S Lake On April 24 and collective effort on May 1, dumpster is emptied May 3 at County Docks. Beach Crew Wulfy Beach – First weekend in May. Need volunteers to clean up shorelines around creek inlet by Ringos and canal.

Membership Report

· Membership spreadsheet needs lots of attention.

· Blume said we could set up auto reminders to accept memberships via paypal annually or every 5 years.

· Greta to find out what we get out of more about $35 membership software Sumac and report back.

· Blume to send Allen the member list.

Creek Restoration Project

  • Functioning

Lake Gauge Report

Today 9.22’ 4/6/2021 elevation above sea level.

Last month 11.7’ 3/03/2021, for comparison 10.5’ 3/13/2020

Life Jacket Station at County Docks

· Renee, Mike and Alan are meeting on 4/8/2021 in the field to look at placement of sign.

· Need to get life jackets

· Ringo’s want to sponsor the sign.

· Blume mentioned that Travel Oregon is doing a ‘take care campaign’ which is a safety campaign for outdoor recreation. Maybe they would partner with TLA.

Wake Signs

Alan has 8 wake additional signs.

Alan is building a bracket for piling on the at the south entrance of the canal.

Debbie said she would allow a sign on her property at the mouth of Lindross.

Denise said it would be nice to have one on shutters/devore arm. Alan will go look.

New Business

  • None

Treasurer’s Report 2 year contract for web site

reimbursed to Blume Bauer: 264.00

income: none

balance in checking acct: $42,431.85

balance in savings acct: 1.00

cash on hand: 49.67


total : $42,482.52

total donations for creek restoration: 80,445.26

total expenses for creek restoration: 53,289.90

total donated for 2021 fireworks: 3,208.81

submitted by Debbie Newman, treasurer TLA

TLA approved treasures report

Meeting adjourned 7:00pm

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