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Community Comes Together for Lake Clean Up

Windy and rainy conditions could not stop 26 community members from gathering at Tenmile Lakes County Park last Saturday for another Earth Day Cleanup. Folks gathered at 8AM and got started on the clean up. Some people were in kayaks, some on boats, some on shore. All in a coordinated effort focused on debris removal from the lakes. By 11AM the large dumpster was completely full of debris mainly consisting of foam float material, treated lumber and garbage. Of the interesting items pulled from the lake this year were a vacuum, a lamp, and an old recliner. Volunteers speculated as to what the beavers were planning with these items... 

Afterwards the volunteers were treated with pizzas donated by the Lakeshore Lodge, hotdogs, and Julie's "Aunt Shirley's Secret Recipe" Macaroni salad.

Thank you to all the hard working volunteers!! And a huge Thank you to Les' Sanitation for donating the dumpster and hauling it away.


Stay tuned... the TLA is planning a donation based "Haul-Away" event this summer for lake owners to dispose of old household items/etc.


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