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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Creek Restoration Project possible.

Tenmile Creek Restoration Project Supporters

Forest Investment Associations and Barns & Associates for donating the trees to the project.

Staff from Barns and Associates worked hard to find us some logs and did the extra work to

Lead with the ODF to get permission to utilize designated wildlife trees for the project.

The Oregon Department of Forestry who understood the importance of the project and permitted the use of the 4 potential wildlife trees for our restoration project.

Mr. Jason Smith, the Owner of South Port Forest Products and South Port Logging generously donated their management expertise, lots of time, logging equipment, and project coordination to locate, fall, and mobilize equipment to load and unload up to logs weighing up to 4 tons.

Mr. Tom Miller South Port Logging Manager was essential in coordinating all activities from finding the logs, coordinating a timber faller, working on Saturdays to prep the logs, and coordinated the transport and unloading at the site.

We thank Mr. Ray Gimlin, lifetime Lakesider and professional Timber Faller, for showing us how one of the most dangerous jobs in the world can be done with cool and a smile.

Ray donated his time and expertise on the project.

The City of Lakeside and Mayor James Edwards for supporting and allowing the project to be implemented on City property.

North Lake Resort for donating and prepping as well as loading the posts.

Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership for supporting and contributing to the project.

Ringo, the Golden Boy, for his long-term commitment and energies to this project. He motived all involved. And of course Cathy for supporting Ringo in his crazy endeavors.

Alan Whitney contributed to all aspects - from gaining support to reviewing plans. His pure stubbornness and focus were huge in every aspect of the project from start to finish.

Don Porior. Nothing would have happened if he wasn’t scared of the NL owner. His expertise and flexibility, reworking plans 8 times, was awesome!!

Johnson Rock deserves a huge thanks! The Crew of Todd, Jed, and the Boss Kortney took the extra time to implement the project. Without their expertise and commitment to do a great job, the final project would not have happened so smoothly and would not have been installed with perfection. Thanks, guys.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped limb trees at a moment's notice.

All the individuals who donated made this project possible in the short time frame. We could have attempted to get grants for years.

Thank you so much!

We look forward to our next project and hope you'll join us again as we continue to strive to improve our lake quality for years to come!

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