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Wednesday, July 1, 2020, Lakeshore Lodge


Alan Whitney, Julie Robbers, Blume Bauer, Debbie Newman, Mike Shaw, Dee Drummond, John Reiss, Betty Ewing, Gerry Ewing


Minutes from June 2020

  • Motion to approve made by Debbie, 2nd by Mike. All were in favor. Minutes approved

President’s Report

  • Will discuss items further down in the agenda.

Vice President’s Report

  • To be discussed during the outreach portion of the meeting.

Secretary’s Report

  • Nothing new to report

Treasurer’s Report

  • The current account balance is $65,387.46

    • Creek Restoration donations in June – $450

    • Raffle Tickets for bench in June – $30

    • Expenses

      • None

    • Balances

      • Checking $65,336.89

      • Paypal $0

      • Savings Account $1.00

      • Cash on hand $49.57

    • Total Raised for Creek Restoration Project to date – $60,058.46

    • Total Expenses for Creek Restoration Project to date – $9347.00

    • Total Raised for 2020 Fireworks – $3208.81

  • Mike made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report, Julie seconded. All were in favor. Treasurer’s report approved.

  • Mike and Alan will go to the bank next week and get Mike added as a signer on the account.

Member at Large Report

  • Apple trees are looking great.

TLBP Report

  • Resumed meeting last month (June) after taking a few months off due to the pandemic.

  • Bob Main is the new chairman of the board.

  • Sis Bio put in a bid to clean the lake

    • Will be making another presentation on July 7 at 9:30am to the Coos County Commissioners

    • Local presentation at TLBP office at 1pm

Outreach Committee

  • State of the Lakes

    • Still set for August 14th tentatively

  • Large Item Pick Up

    • Set for August 22

    • Blume to create a flyer

Membership Report

  • Alan proposed that we continue to accept membership dues but not worry about collecting them or following up on them.

Creek Restoration Project

  • Contracted with Johnson Rock

  • John said that they will have time lapse photography of the work done on the project.

  • It will only take a few days to complete once they begin.

  • Permit will be effective by July 8.

  • Two work parties will be needed to help trim trees of branches to prep them for installation.

  • John received another boat as a donation.

    • The boat is ready to be auctioned

    • 2004 18’ Jetcraft fishing boat

    • Harry donated a tune up on the boat

    • Ringo’s Marina donated the clean up of the boat

    • Auction

      • Opening bid will be $15k

      • People will comment on the Facebook post to bid

      • Auction will end at noon on Friday, July 10

New Business

  • Think about what our next big project will be while we have momentum.

    • Wetland preservation

    • Dredge canal and/or increase the width

Meeting adjourned 7:25pm

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