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Canal invasive weed project

TLA is proposing a project to reduce or eliminate the invasive weeds in the canal between North and South Lake. The canal has been choked with invasive weeds primarily Lilies and Egeria Densa. These weeds cause narrowing of the channel, foul props, and increase difficulty in navigation of the Canal. During the winter when the seeds die down the cause vegetative load to the bottom of the canal and over years decrease in depth. Funds for expensive dredging are probably not available in the future.

We propose to have a licensed herbicide applicator apply herbicide to the invasive lilies and come back about a month later with a machine that pulls up the Egeria Densa and disposes of the weeds. There probably will be some regrowth and reseeding that will need touch up in future years but will be more limited. Cost is expected to be $5200 the first year. We request donations to fund this project sent to our website and note for canal project or mail to TLA po BOX 600 lakeside Oregon.

Project date depends on lake level and weed growth. During herbicide application the canal will need to be closed for about 4 hours so waves and wind do not wash of the herbicide. The herbicide is safe for human contact and safe for aquatic life and has been used across Oregon safely. Permits are being applied for and all safety notifications will be issued.

Alan Whitney president TLA

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