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TLA Meeting Minutes November 2018

Tenmile Lakes Association Minutes


Call to Order: 6:00pm

Board Members Present : Alan Whitney, Julie Robbers, Debbie Newman

Approval of minutes from 10/03/2018, motioned by D. Newman and K. Robbers, motion carried.

Presidents Report Alan Whitney: None

Vice Presidents Report Rachele Lyon: Not Present

Secretary Report Julie Robbers: See minutes at TLA's website

Treasures Report Debbie Newman:

beginning balance as of 9/05/18 is $12,888.58

Membership: $43.53

Donation by Alan Whitney. $500.00

Dinner ticket sales. $30.00

Cash for raffle ($100.00)

Balance in checkbook. $13,307.80

Cash on hand $209.61

Total balance $13,517.41

At Large Member Report Blume: Not present, report submitted as follows:

1. Continued work on the new TLA website. Estimated ETA January 2019.

2. Began adminʼing TLA Facebook page, created FB event on TLA account and Discover Lakeside Oregon account for the history dinner, continued posting details and information about the history dinner on both the event and TLA page.

3. Assisted Julie Robbers with gathering raffle basket items. Donated items for the Gal Pal basket to go with the gift certificate from Lavish Salon.

4. Assisted Julie Robbers to acquire gift certificates for the raffle prize packages.

5. Created the gift certificate “tags” that will go in the baskets so that people can

easily see which gift goes with which package and also easily see the dollar amount itʼs for.

6. Created and printed the raffle jar labels.

TLBP Report Mike Mader: Not present, report submitted as follows:

1. All is going well with Beaver Reintro 404 permit. On draft #3 and I'm having dinner meeting tonight with DSL representative to discuss and get input. Completion ETA end of December beginning of January. 2. I have attached the old TLBP lake brochure. I think I drafted many, many years ago and itʼs in need of updating. I was hoping to get your input and edits to improve. Itʼs a trifold and looks kinda weird in the adobe format. Need information that our Lakefront owners need. Maderm

John Reiss has volunteered to help TLBP with the brochure.

Alan Whitney thinks TLBP needs to add stream erosion work, Stuart-ship of using low phosphates soaps.

It was brought up that there is a proposed In-pound yard to go in around hwy 101 and 8th street. TLBP evaluated it and said they would not want this as Eel Creek runs through this property and could contaminate the stream.

COMMITTEE REPORTS Outreach Report Julie Robbers: (Whitney, Robbers, Newman, Bauer, Reiss)

History Dinner - will be on November 17, 2018 this year and the topic is "Tribal Life on the water ways of Coos. Presented by Mark Petrie from the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua & Siuslaw Indians. There are seven tickets left at this time. Large raffle baskets and wonderful items to be present.

Earth Day Clean up will be April 27, 2019 , meet up at Wulfy Beach 9am.

Lakeside fireworks will be on the 4th of July 2019, 2020, 2021. John Reiss is the main logistics contact person for Western Display. Julie Robbers is the main fundraising contact person at 541-982-9829.

Discussion about a possible May 2019 Cheese and Wine Boat Tour around Tenmile Lakes. TBD

Membership Report Rachele: not present


Lake Gauge Report John Reiss: The gauge is acting up, we think itʼs a bad sensor. A new water gauge is about $800 - $1000. TLA gave $500.00 to upgrade Data Logger already this last year. They are going to try and clean up the gauge and will report back at the next meeting.

Weed Barrier: Video is now available on YouTube. TLA can make these barriers for members at a cost of $100.00 per 10x10. Just a reminder you will need to move the barrier around and shake off the slit yearly.

Approach for low water: Is working on the 404 permit submission for a natural beaver dam.

Dues will increase to $25.00 in 2019 or $100.00 for five years.

New Website: Needs pictures, if you have any pictures and would like to share, please send them

Weather Cam at Ringoʼs Marina: John Reiss said he has had this on his mind for sometime and has a lot of questions that need answers. Like how much do we want to spend on a camera system, exposure to the elements, quality of the

pictures. James Edwards thought this would tie in with our tourism and would look into see if the cities tourism tax dollars could help fund this in some way. Alan Whitney would like to see a higher end system without a monthly fee. The general consensus was to get a low to high cost and report back to the next general meeting with this information.

New Business: No general meeting in December and January. Next general meeting will be February 6th at 6pm - Lakeshore Lodge

Attended: 9

Adjournment: 6>44pm motioned by D. Newman and 2nd by K. Robbers Motion carried

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