Lake Gauge Update

From John Reiss of Ringo's Marina:

I just added a button in the upper right corner of the [Tenmile Lakes] website for easy access to the new Lake Gauge reports. These reports are located on the TLBP [Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership] main page. For simplicity the link opens a new window with the TLBP website.

I'd like to thank Mark Grigsby (PCI Northwest), Josh Stump (Stump Computer Services), Richard Litts (TLBP) and Mike Mader (TLBP) for their help in upgrading our gauges to an updated and stable platform! The gauge is located at Ringo's Lakeside Marina. The new wireless data logger uses Ringo's wireless network and the backend processes are created and hosted by PCI Northwest and thus we achieved our goal of eliminating all recurring monthly costs! 

Finally, please note the old TLBP website is in the process of being decommissioned. Please use the button off of this page to access the TLBP website or update your bookmarks with the following URL:


Tenmile Lake, Lakeside, Oregon - Oregon Coast. Photo courtesy of The Yellow Desk.

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