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A Note from the Oregon Environmental Council

From: Stacey Malstrom

  The Oregon Environmental Council just published a storymap looking at harmful algae across Oregon, specifically the causes and context around recurring blooms in 8 bodies of water. I'm writing to give you a heads up that we [have} included Tenmile Lakes based on DEQ's 2011 Harmful Algal Blooms Strategy, and I'd love for this to be a springboard for a conversation about what you see as the areas of greatest need based on your experience with algae and opportunities for targeted state investments to help preserve clean water on the South Coast. 

Our goal in highlighting Tenmile Lakes was not to be critical of any of the efforts of Lakeside and it's watershed partners. Instead, our hope is to build broader public interest and awareness around the diversity of algae issues in Oregon, and to encourage support for investments in public health and healthy watersheds - like state programs for septic system repairs. 

Please feel free to share this with anyone that might find it interesting or helpful in their outreach or communications efforts. We hope it's something you can build on to highlight the great restoration work happening in your community as a key part of the solution to these challenges.

I'm happy to talk more about OEC's work on statewide water issues and answer any questions about how we put this storymap together.  

Thanks for your time. 

Tenmile Lake, Lakeside, Oregon
Tenmile Lake, Lakeside, Oregon

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