If future generations are to remember us with gratitude rather than contempt, we must leave them something more than the miracles of technology. We must leave them a glimpse of the world as it was in the beginning, not just after we got through with it.”
— Lyndon B. Johnson, President of the United States


The Mission of the TLA is to Preserve, Protect, and Promote Tenmile Lakes and its Waters and Watershed. 


The Areas of Focus are the Lakes and Streams Making Up the Tenmile Lakes Watershed. The Locations Consist of North and South Tenmile Lakes, Tenmile and Eel Creek, Eel and Hall Lakes, and Any Other Body of Water or Stream within the Tenmile Lakes Watershed.


Tenmile Lakes and its Waters are Declining in Quantity and Quality for Public/Private/ Commercial Use and Recreation.  Solutions Must be Found to Reverse this Declining Trend for this Very Important Natural Resource that is Vitally Important to the Residents and Communities of North Coos County as well as all Commercial, Private, and Public Interests and Uses.


The TLA is working to be an Active Advocate for the Improvement in the Quantity and Quality of Tenmile Lakes and its Waters/Watershed with All Public Agencies: Including Local Governments, Coos and Douglas Counties, State of Oregon, USA and Native Americans, and any Other Groups of Interested Parties and Public Policy Making/Political Bodies.


About Tenmile Lakes and the Watershed

The Tenmile Lakes' Watershed covers approximately 98 square miles (62,720 acres). There are ten lakes within the watershed with a combined surface area of about 4.7 square miles (3008 acres) or 5% of the watershed.  These lakes and their drainages, together can be divided into three subbasins.

The Tenmile watershed is predominantly forested uplands.  Since these forests cover the majority of the drainage, they intercept most of the rain that falls within the watershed, and so act as the catch basin for the entire watershed.   Most of the steep upper forested slopes and their forested headwater streams are found within the Elliott State Forest and are managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry.  The Elliott State Forest covers approximately 33.6 square miles (21,504 acres), making the State the largest single landowner within the watershed.  Privately owned forestland covers approximately 23.2 square miles (14,837 acres).