Lake Watch

TLA is continueing to look for interested persons to volunteer for a Lake Watch program for North and South Lake.  We have several people who have shown interest in participating in a neighbor hood watch program.  Volunteers would be assigned a specific area to motor around an visualize property from the lake.  Entry on property would be only if requested by owner especially absentee owners who request inspection.  Volunteers do not confront problems but identiy and report to the owner, lake captain or if needed sheriff.  Since we have alot of absentee owners we would be particularly interested in property or enviromental potential hazards such as after storms.  It would hopefully encourage sense of community and protection from knowing neighbors and that even if you are not present someone is looking out for you.  Volunteers do not need to be backgroung checked for this program.

Volunteer contacts myself at 541-297-1663 or Julie Robbers at 541-982-9829

Alan Whitney