Lake Neighborhood watch program

I recently attended a meeting of the Lakeside community Patrol.  They are in the process of getting new volunteers and reinvigorating their program.  My reason for going was to see if we could get a neighborhood watch on Tenmile Lakes.  They were receptive to the idea of expanding and coordinating with a lake project.  I am sending out this note to see if we have enough interest to make this work.  We would need volunteers to drive their boats around a number of lake places to check on unusual circumstances or activity.  We would hope to have a volunteer drive by once per week or so on an irregular basis.  Docking and going up to residence would be on a judgement basis if requested by owner or if somethig is amiss.  Volunteers would report if something amiss to owner or Police depending on urgency.  Visual inspections after storms to report to owner damage that has occurred.  This would hopefully decrease crime and alert owners to problems.  We could keep track of incidents to see if paterns develope.  If we had volunteers on each lake report to lake captain each month with paper note to list dates of evaluation and any untward incidents.  The lake captains would give me a summary which I would cooordinate with North Coos County neighborhood watch.  Volunteers would have placard identifying themselves and would need a free background check so residents are comfortable with them surveying property.

Please respomd with any ideas and volunteering to myself at

Alan Wnitney President TLA