Blue Green Algae

I have recently attended a conference on Blue Green algae put on by Oregon Lakes Assoc.  Richard Litts was there from TLBP and was a presenter.

Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership(TLBP) has begun a committee to evaluate and make recommendation for how to respond to the situation on our lakes.  This is a national and international problem.  Only a small number of lakes in Oregon are monitored and Tenmile is one.  Unmonitored lakes may have more or less of a problem.  Toxin safe levels are being lowered from 10 to 4 meaning more alerts.  Cost is a major factor in testing as a single test for toxin costs around $300. Coos County has generously donated $3000. for testing on Tenmile.  There are less and less money for testing lakes in Oregon.

If money is gone for monitoring how do people protect themselves from Toxin exposure?  General lake warnings to stay away from blooms may or may not be appropriate as we know toxins may be present without blooms or after blooms dissapate.  So how do we protect people without stopping all access to bodies of water?

Recently 31 cows died drinking water in a Lakeview resevoir.  Dogs have been lost drinking toxin water.  There are a number of human symptoms with acute and chronic injestion of toxin.

  Alan Whitney