December meeting minutes

Approval of minutes: none to approve, lost

Presidents Report: None

Vice Presidents Report : None

Secretary's Report: None

Treasures Report: beginning balance as of 11/01/17 is $9,195.34

6 memberships = $103.52

Income from History dinner:
          ticket sales: $1530.00
          raffle tickets: $240.00

Expenses for History dinner
        Insurance $104.47
        Food         $659.76
Gift certificate.  $60.00

Profit from History $945.77

Balance in checkbook $9842.43
Cash on hand $20.00
Total balance $9862.43

At Large Member: Lake level is still high for this time of year.

TLBP Report: Gage is up and running thanks to Richard Litts and Josh Stump.  Lamprey Latter has been installed. Big Creek fencing complete. New signs to be installed at the new TLBP office.


Outreach & Membership (Whitney, Robbers, Newman, Bauer, Reiss)

III. History dinner was a great success with 51 people attending. A profit of $945.77 was made to help support future projects.

VI. Fireworks July 3, 2018, fundraising to be in full swing be February 2018.

V. Earth Day Lake Clean up Saturday April 22, 2018


Flier update: more resent photos to be added and a refresh on wording. New flier to be available be February 2018.

Lake Gauge Report: A link to clink on Lake Gauge Tab has been added in our TLB website to clink on to go to TLBP home page to get the lake gauge report.


Weed Control Frames: Two years ago TLBP made about 10/ 4'x8' weed barriers with good results. We would like to look at doing a new design using perforated pvc pipe and concrete Plier blocks covered with the weed barrier cloth. These would be installed at low lake levels and would need to be raised and cleaned once a year. Alan Whitney has volunteered to make a prototype.

Reimbursing TLBP $550.00, half the cost to repair Lake Monitor. Motioned by John Reiss and seconded by Kenneth Robbers.

TLA Name Change to be: Tenmile Lakes Association, motioned by Alan Whitney, seconded by Julie Robbers

Summer Guest Speakers: Fish and Wildlife and Building a Fresh Water Collection Storage.

Any other New Business: None

Public Comments and Input: None

Attended: 12

Adjournment: 7:19pm, motioned by Dean Warner, seconded by Reiss

Julie Robbers Secretary