Lake Level Visit

I am taking the liberty of sharing this write up from Charles Russell, new TLA member and head of  Please check out their website, Like them on Facebook!  

Thank you Charles for organizing the lake visit!

Today’s meeting with various officials:
First of all, thank you to everyone that turned out in support of our cause to save the lakes this morning. Your taking the time and the forms filled out speak volumes as to how important this issue is. We hear you and we are speaking for you. Representatives and politicians from various offices toured Tenmile Lakes today on pontoon boats. We started at the Coos County boat launch and made our way to Ringo’s Lakeside Marina and made it to North Lake RV Park and Resort. Discussion between, US Senator reps., OR House Representative, Army Core of Engineers rep., Department of State Lands reps., Oregon Department of Fish and Wild Life rep., and DEQ rep transpired over an hour and a half today. Our thoughts are that everyone is motivated to solve some of the pressing issues facing us today, but it seems like business as usual, business as nothing. Not a single member of the tour actually has a straight answer for very simple questions. We are very well aware that not one thing will come from taking more pictures, empty discussions and bureaucratic nonsense. The time has come to demand real action on the ground to solve these pressing issues. We spoke of damming, dredging, and beach grass removal. Real solutions to real issues. All met difficult roadblocks, run-arounds and complete incompetency at every turn. Also, being patronized is no longer amusing, folks. While our lake fails they hand us documents and give answers that even children would call BS on. At the very least we asked for approval to remove beach grass at our own expense and manpower. Our proposal was shot down with regulatory concerns and questions of effectiveness. Maybe our questions to the leadership are; why would we be turned away from performing the most simple of positive tasks to restore our environment, and why was not a single member from the Coos County Government here to represent us or themselves? Even at zero cost or risk to them we are unable to make a single stride. These folks better retool fast because we aren’t going to wait while our homes, businesses and livelihoods crumble. They can attempt to tread water until November, but the reality is that today we are drowning. We are organized and united, time for them to wake up and do the same.