Fireboat voted on by fireboard 11/16 arrival ?

The boat we voted to buy last night is similar to the one pictured, with the following exceptions. instead of 28’ ours is 24’, with twin Yamaha 115 HP outboards. our cabin is 7’ x 7’ x 6’6” high, with the same EMS station pictured, which provides safe transport of injured or infirm patients. Fire suppression capabilities come from a Darley HE 64RS Hercules Fire Pump, which produces 500 GPM water discharge. 3” pressure supply line on port side to a 2.0 monitor and a “Y” for working tack lines, vessel has a 64” bow landing craft door, fully equipped with lights/siren/GPS sounder and VHF radio. When delivered vessel will be fully operational. (The builder described the boat as a floating ambulance and fire hydrant)
This is a start and I know we have much more to do which will require your help and support. We also voted last night to allow Chief Roberts to contact the Coos County Parks Director to begin talks in trying to obtain permission to build a boathouse at the county park to house our boat, which would cut down response times. This will be one of our next efforts, if we have funding. Thanks for coming to the meeting and I hope to see frequent representation from TLA. Feel free to contact me anytime with your concerns.
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