Help us by reporting boat wake violations

Due to complaints from around the lake about wake damage to docks and log booms I called Will Coleman Marine deputy.  I asked about a sign at the public  boat ramp notifying people to be conscious and respectful of their wake.  He was inclined to help but was concerned about too many signs resulting in less attention paid.  He requested that he would need documentation of the problem.  He requested that when a problem occurs that people call his dispatch number 541-396-2106.  He could then have someone come out and document the problem and evaluate damage.  While this is coming into the slower time of year for boat traffic if people could keep the number handy for calling in problems.

The TLA board will continue to work this issue and get the message out to boaters about costly damage that can occur.

Thank you,

Alan Whitney

TLA- At-large Lake Owner Boardmember